Greenwood Cemetery is located south of town and is uniquely positioned on a hill overlooking the entire City.

The Cemetery has been maintained by the City of Kellogg sicne 1992. We oversee ground maintenance and care, coordinate burial arrangements and respond to general Cemetery information and inquiries.

Greenwood Cemetery is open daily until dusk during the spring, summer and fall and usually is closed during inclement winter weather except for burials.

Cemetery plots can be purchased for $700.

Burial fees are $500 on weekdays and $800 on weekends and holidays, or after hours. (Dependent on personnel available)

Liners are required and can be purchased for $450 plus tax.

Burial fees for cremations are $200 on weekdays if you purchase a lot and $300 if placed on an occupied plot. Add $200 on weekends and holidays or after hours.

The Cemetery has Urn Wall Niches the prices are $1,000 per niche.

All fees are paid at City Hall.

If you would like to inquire about someone buried in Greenwood Cemetery or would like to ask about general information related to burials and fees, please contact the City Clerk at City Hall or call 208-786-9131.