The City of Kellogg is a Drug Free Workplace. We offer competitive benefits and a great working environment.

Summer employment opportunity:
The City of Kellogg has a shortage of lifeguards for our swimming pool and we are accepting applications to fill those vacancies. 
Deep Water Lifeguard certification is required and there is currently a class underway for those needing certification. Applicants must be at least 15 years of age. 
Please call Public Works Superintendent Craig Lewis at 208-786-9131 for more information.

The City has no full time permanent openings at this time. However, we are always looking for volunteers to work on Spring and Fall citywide cleanups and Winter snow removal. Contact Public Works at 208-784-5595 if you would like to lend a hand.

Every summer we need a Pool Manager and Lifeguards to work at our City Pool. If you are interested in a summer job at the pool, get your lifeguard certification before summer. (You may contact the Mullan Pool for classes 208-744-1310)

Also, during the summer we need people to work in our parks, mowing, weed eating, etc. If you are interested in a summer job contact Public Works at 786-9131 or 784-5595